mixed media & uvi print on canvas
/ 2008

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Ladies and Gentlemen:
From June 14th trough 18, 2006 , artist and art aficionados will congregate in Basel for the most pre-eminent annual reunion of the art world (1). Sweat, athletic bodies by over 2000 rigorously juried selection of football players around the globe will be presented. Your senses will be excited by the expression of these contemporary gladiators. They will be showing everything: from museum-quality master plays of Ronaldinho to the Zidanne bravest defense of her sister honor and exquisite plays and statements by the most sought – after football artists of our own time. In large plasma screens you could enjoy of a curated selection of replays. At the ‘Professional Day’ distinguished museum directors, art dealers, curators and art critics from all over the globe will share and provide you with their professional advice in order to understand what is behind the greatest spectacle of our time. Without their wise and invaluable advice you won’t be able to understand the essence of the game. The list of unlimited chic attendants is more star-studded than ever and constitutes a veritable who is who of the international art trade. On behalf of our sponsors, I hope that all the visitors will enjoy this exciting spectacle at the cutting edge of the art world.
(Any similarity with the Sammy Keller welcome speech at Art Basel 06 is pure coincidence).





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